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vrijdag 5 maart 2010



I think I'll have to go on a semi-hiatus for a little while. This means I'll blog, crochet, draw or anything hobby-related at a much slower pace than normally. I really hate that, but I think it's needed.

I have a few reasons for this..... school will be taking a lot of my time the next few weeks and I really need to study so I can pass all of my exams. After that, I'm sure I will have some time to blog more often and I hope to show you some of the things I will work on then.

I hope to see you all soon!

dinsdag 2 maart 2010

What will it be.... what will it be?

I'm working on a inbetween project, using a colourfull yarn. It'll be amigurumi of course, since I totally love making and designing it. Can you guess what it'll be when it's done?

I'd love to hear what you all think it is....

I love the way the stitches work up, using the 1.75 mm hook, so I'm sure I'll desing more patterns using that hook. That doesn't mean, I won't use the 3.5 mm anymore, since that hook is lovely too...

maandag 22 februari 2010

Dengeki DAISY --- FANART

I haven't forgotten my other hobby, drawing is still my favourite thing to do. I'm now working on a FanArt for the manga Dengeki DAISY, a manga I recently discovered - only to love it so much.

Anyway, here is a picture of the scetch, please tell me if you like it! The picture is drawn on DIN A4 size and I started colouring it today. I'll post another picture when it's done!

Nana ~ Pajama Party

Meet Nana, a doll I'm making for a contest on Ravelry. The objective is to crochet a doll, using the pattern given. The only thing is, that you need to personalise her and make her as original as possible.

She's not finished yet, as she still need a few items. I'm going to make her a coat, pillow and blanket and maybe a few other things.

I hope you all like her~

zondag 14 februari 2010

Valentines Pattern!

I finished my Valentines Pattern. It's a little pink and white bear, who needs YOUR love to be happy~ I really liked designing this little one, the pattern came out so lovely, I think I'll make many more of these bears. The pattern is available for free on ravelry as PDF download, but if you scroll down, you can see the pattern too....

I'm also working on my contest entry for the "Amigurumi Talk"-group at ravelry. I only have the head finished at the moment, because her hair took a lot of time...

Little Amigurumi Pink Bear
He wants your love

~~~*About this pattern*~~~

This pattern is crocheted using continuous rounds, you don’t have to join rounds UNLESS noted otherwise. This means you need a stitch marker to keep track of where the new rounds start. Move up the marker when you start a new round. Make sure you crochet tightly enough, so the stuffing won’t show trough, otherwise take a smaller hook.

~~~*You’ll need*~~~

* A skein of white acrylic yarn
* A skein of light pink acrylic yarn
* A skein of dark pink acrylic yarn
* Fiberfill
* Embroidery floss
* Embroidery needle
* Two dark colored beads or 6mm eyes for a small bear/ 9mm eyes for a big bear
* 1.75 mm crochet hook for a small bear/ 3.5mm for a big bear


These are the abbreviations used in this pattern:
Ch= Chain
Dec= Decrease
Sc= Single Crochet
Dc= Double Crochet
St= Stitch
Sp= Space made by doing chains in previous round
*[insert text]* = Repeat directions in between as many times as noted


Using white

R1: ch 2, sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6sc)
R2: *sc 2 in next sc*, x6 (12sc)
R3: *sc 1, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (18sc)
R4: *sc 2, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (24sc)
R5: *sc 3, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (30sc)
R6: *sc 4, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (36sc)
R7: sc 36
R8: *sc 5, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (42sc)
R9 – R12: sc 42
R13: *sc 5, dec 1* x6 (36sc)

Embroider eyes and begin stuffing

R14: sc 36
R15: *sc 4, dec 1* x6 (30sc)
R16: *sc 3, dec 1* x6 (24sc)
R17: *sc 2, dec 1* x6 (18sc)
R18: *sc 1, dec 1* x6 (12sc)

Finish stuffing
Bind off, and leave a long tail to close up.
Don’t weave in ends, you’ll need it to sew on the body.


Using light pink, make two

R1: ch 2, sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6sc)
R2: *sc 2 in next sc*, x6 (12sc)
R3: *sc 1, sc 2 in next sc*, x 6 (18 sc)
R4: sc 18

Bind off, and leave a long tail to sew the ear to the head.
Make sure the ears are pushed flat when you sew them on.


Using light pink

R1: ch 2, sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6sc)
R2: *sc 2 in next sc*, x6 (12sc)

Bind off and leave a long tail to sew the nose onto the head.
Use a little bit of dark pink yarn to embroider a little nose.


Using white

R1: ch 2, sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6sc)
R2: *sc 2 in next sc*, x6 (12sc)
R3: *sc 1, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (18sc)
R4: *sc 2, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (24sc)
R5: *sc 3, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (30sc)
R6: *sc 4, sc 2 in next sc* x6 (36sc)
R7 – R8: sc 36
R9: *sc 4, dec 1* x6 (30sc)
R10: *sc 3, dec 1* x6 (24sc)
R11 – R13: sc 24
R14: *sc 2, dec 1* x6 (18sc)
R15: sc 18
R16: *sc 1, dec 1* x6 (12sc)
R17: sc 12

Stuff the body
Bind off and weave in ends.
Using red you could embroider a little hart on the belly of the pup.

~~~*Arms and legs*~~~

Using light pink, make four

R1: ch 2, sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook (6sc)
R2: *sc 2 in next sc*, x6 (12sc)
R3 – R5: sc 12
R6: *sc 1, dec 1* x 4 (8sc)
R7 – R9: sc 8

Stuff a little.
Bind off and leave a long tail to sew.

After sewing all parts, you could add a little flower or some buttons to decorate and personalize your beary I hope you had fun with this pattern.

maandag 8 februari 2010

Crochet updates and Valentines pattern~

I'm working on a lot of things at the moment. I decided to join a contest on ravelry, where the objective is to crochet a doll, according to someone elses pattern, but make your own clothing, accesoires and hairstyle for it. I really like the theme, so I want to give it a go. I already made up my mind about what I want to do, so I hope it'll come out the way I want it.

I'm also waiting for the ravelympics to start, so I can start my amigurumi giraffe. I wanted to do that for a long time already, but I haven't found the time yet.

My kokeshi doll needs a little friend too. I still have to decide which colours I'll use for her though. I like working with contrasting colours, but maybe I'll do it differently this time.

Eventhough I dislike Valentines Day, I want to try to make the best of it, so I decided to put some effort into making a little Valentines related pattern this year. Because it's Valentines, it will be red or pink~

I also have a little heart pattern available on ravelry...

Next to crocheting, I also have a lot of drawing to do. Valentines Day is getting nearer, but I haven't started my Himitsu no Mahou: RyƓ x Itzumi picture yet .____. I hope to make a little time for that tomorrow...

zaterdag 6 februari 2010

Firey~ Here comes the summer sun

I'm currently working on this picture. Actually, I've been working on it since last summer.... bit by bit. I really like the outlines and I love how I coloured the braid, but I'm really afraid I'll mess up in some way. I'm planning to keep her t-shirt the way it is. The only thing I need to do is add some shadows. I have no ideas for her skirt yet.... Maybe I'll do it in a jeans colour...

The background is hard too. I have to make something that fits the motive, but I don't like the ideas I've had. We'll see what I'll come up with.